Investor Overview
GBX Group LLC specializes in acquiring, preserving and operating historic real estate in urban markets. GBX partners with investors, property owners, developers, and local preservation organizations to acquire, redevelop, and preserve historic real estate – in an effort to stimulate economic growth, and protect the cultural and historical fabric of communities.

Programs We Use

GBX Group seeks to identify investment opportunities in historic real estate that it believes will qualify for various federal, state and local tax and other incentives which enhance investment returns.

GBX multi-investor fund seeks to benefit from certain tax incentives in addition to targeting a return on real estate investments:

  • Historic Preservation Easement – Internal Revenue Code §170(h)
    • A historic preservation easement is a permanent real property restriction placed on a historic property for the purpose of ensuring that the historic features of the property are maintained in perpetuity.
    • A charitable contribution deduction is generated through the donation of such an easement. Often these charitable deductions have significant value.

GBX seeks to enhance the potential real estate return and overall capital stack through programs like:

  • Federal Rehabilitation Historic Tax Credit – Internal Revenue Code §47
    • The federal government allows historic tax credits to encourage investments in the rehabilitation of historic buildings.

    • The Tax Reform Act of 1976: Congress passed and President Ford signed the first tax benefits for the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

  • Other state and local incentives where applicable 

  • Alternative lending sources


Benefits to Investors

Qualified participants invest in historic properties to receive the economic and tax benefits generated by government-promoted tax programs. Over the years, our investors have contributed to transforming warehouses, factories, civic buildings, and others into award-winning hotels, office spaces and apartments. They also receive the satisfaction of participating in the efforts of preserving our nation’s historic structures while creating jobs and economic opportunities in urban markets throughout the United States.


Business Development Team

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Real Estate, Business Development
Taylor Davis
Chief Revenue Officer
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Business Development
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Executive Managing Director of Business Development
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Business Development
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