Revitalizing Historic Buildings to Thrive in the 21st Century

GBX Group focuses on acquiring historic real estate in urban markets that have significant tax and other incentives available to them. For more than 15 years, we have specialized in helping taxpayers use their tax liabilities to fund investments in real estate projects with targeted federal, state, and local incentives. Through our funds we generate more than $400 million in real estate projects annually. GBX Group has completed over 100 projects in 14 states — breathing new life, vitality, and economic growth into neighborhoods and all they serve.

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We're excited to announce we have moved! Located in a historic rehabilitation project, our new headquarters epitomizes our business model of revitalizing historic properties and neighborhoods. In addition, we've changed our name from global X to GBX Group LLC to reflect the evolution of the services and products we offer for the benefit of our stakeholders.


Kindly update your records with our new name, mailing address, and website address. Our phone number remains the same.


We look forward to you stopping by to see our new home.


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The GBX Group Family

How It Works

GBX Group manages investment funds to provide equity for acquisitions, allowing investors to use their tax liabilities and achieve after-tax returns well above those available through traditional real estate investing. 


Accredited Investors invest in projects to receive the economic and tax benefits generated by the government promoted tax programs. Investors also receive the satisfaction of preserving our nation’s historic structures while creating jobs and economic opportunity in cities throughout the United States.

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GBX Group operates investment funds to provide equity for the acquisition and development of historic real estate. We focus on what we do best and seek partners whose expertise is to develop and operate these special buildings to ensure their long-term viability.

Our many years of real estate, tax and other incentive expertise allows our investors and partners to achieve returns well above those in traditional real estate investments. 

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500+ Investors
100+ Completed Projects

Our professionals have held leadership positions in premier real estate, law and accounting firms. They have also served at top Fortune 500 companies.


With decades of experience, our team generates more than $400 million in real estate projects annually and focuses on preserving our nation's historic structures while creating jobs and economic opportunity in cities throughout the United States. 

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Building the Future. Preserving the Past.


GBX Group does more than preserve the nation's historic structures — together with our investors, development partners and members of the historic preservation community, we transform neighborhoods, stimulate economic growth, and protect the cultural and historic fabric of communities.

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