Revitalizing Historic Buildings to Thrive in the 21st Century

GBX Group LLC specializes in acquiring, preserving and operating historic real estate in urban markets. The company has partnered with investors to fund the purchase and preservation of historic real estate to generate community revitalization and economic growth. Since its founding in 2001, GBX has completed over 100 projects in 18 states. 

How It Works

GBX Group manages investment funds to provide equity for acquisitions, allowing investors to achieve after-tax returns well above those available through traditional real estate investing. 


Accredited Investors invest in projects to receive the economic and tax benefits generated by government sponsored tax programs. Investors also receive the satisfaction of preserving our nation’s historic structures while creating jobs and economic opportunity in cities throughout the United States.

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GBX Group manages investment funds to provide equity for the acquisition and development of historic real estate. We focus on what we do best and seek partners whose expertise is to develop and operate these special buildings to ensure their long-term viability.

Our many years of real estate, tax and other incentive expertise allows our investors and partners to achieve after-tax returns well above those in traditional real estate investments. 

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States in which GBX Group has Completed Projects
800+ Number of Investors
100+ Completed Projects throughout the US

Our professionals have held leadership positions in premier real estate, law and accounting firms. They have also served at top Fortune 500 companies.


GBX Group has completed over 100 projects in 18 states — breathing new life, vitality, and economic growth into neighborhoods and all they serve.

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Building the Future. Preserving the Past.


GBX Group does more than preserve the nation's historic structures — together with our investors, development partners and members of the historic preservation community, we transform neighborhoods, stimulate economic growth, and protect the cultural and historic fabric of communities.

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Economic Impact

The Capital City Comes Alive

Like many U.S. cities in the 1970s and 80s, Columbia, South Carolina fell on hard times in the aftermath of economic globalization. With jobs moving overseas and more people and businesses fleeing to the suburbs, downtown cities across America suffered, leaving behind dwindling populations, neglected streets and low-end retail.

Today, downtown Columbia is a renaissance city thanks to federal and state historic tax incentives backed by the efforts of historic preservationists, city advocates, and forward-minded investors and developers.

Columbia, SC Case Study

Economic Impact Study

Jump in Job Growth
85% Increase in Property Values
$1.5mm Rise in Tax Revenues

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Silverlode Consulting

We have added Silverlode Consulting. Their strategic services elevate and complement our ability to provide long term value to our investors, development partners, and associates in the historic preservation community.

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