Revitalizing Historic Buildings to Thrive in the 21st Century

GBX Group LLC specializes in acquiring, preserving, and operating historic real estate in urban markets. The company partners with investors to fund the purchase and preservation of historic real estate with the goal of generating community revitalization and economic growth. As of January 2023, GBX has been involved in 196 real estate projects in 24 states.

What We Do

Working with historic buildings is our passion. We take an active role in finding a balance between preserving historically significant properties and the economic realities that come with the cost of rehabilitation and preservation. We seek to achieve this cost balance through the use of a variety of federal, state and local tax incentive programs.

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Our Impact

Areas where we operate have seen an increase in jobs, property values, occupancy rates, and tax revenues, all while maintaining the cultural vibrancy of communities. Click or tap Learn More to view recent impact studies for the cities of Columbia, SC and Columbus, OH, annual reports from the National Park Service (NPS) and, Rutgers University.

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GBX Group does more than preserve the nation's historic structures — together with our investors, development partners and members of the historic preservation community, we transform neighborhoods, stimulate economic growth, and protect the cultural and historic fabric of communities.

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Our professionals have held leadership positions in premier real estate, law and accounting firms. They have also served at top Fortune 500 companies.


GBX Group has completed over 135 projects in 21 states — breathing new life, vitality, and economic growth into neighborhoods and all they serve.

Meet the Team

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Silverlode Consulting

We have added Silverlode Consulting. Their strategic services elevate and complement our ability to provide long term value to our investors, development partners, and associates in the historic preservation community.

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