Who We Are

Revitalize communities through purpose-driven investment


Leverage public incentives and private investment to protect the historic character of buildings while adapting them to meet the needs of future generations

At GBX Group, we are dedicated to revitalizing historic buildings in urban communities to evolve and thrive in the 21st century.

We balance the benefits of preserving that history with our mission to reuse and modernize buildings to meet the needs of future generations.

We align government incentive programs and private capital with projects that foster community engagement and transform neighborhoods.

We unlock the potential of underappreciated assets through purpose-driven investment that achieve results for our investors.

But at our core we know that everything we do is about people.

It’s about the investors, who rely on our financial acumen, real estate expertise, and proven track record to deliver tax benefits and returns with positive social impact.

It’s about the partners, the local developers and community organizations, who work with us to restore historic buildings and help catalyze broader development that reinvigorates communities.

It’s about the communities, who come to us to preserve at-risk historic buildings in an effort to protect cultural heritage and promote civic pride.

It’s about the government leaders, who engage and support us in these public-private initiatives that spur economic growth, increase tax revenues, and deliver on policy objectives.

It’s about the GBX team, the talented and dedicated people who bring their skills and experience, their energy and passion, to the work we do, every day.

Building value, preserving history.