Antonin Robert
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Antonin Robert

President of Community Development

As a principal and member of the executive team, Antonin Robert leads GBX Group’s real estate data and analysis group, which focuses on capturing industry financials and economic trends to support the firm’s investments. With over 25 years of experience in financial management, operations and marketing, Antonin works closely with architectural firms, development and advocacy groups, as well as state and federal government organizations to foster and protect programs that support historic preservation. Through these roles, he also helps in identifying investment and growth opportunities for the firm.

Antonin’s fluency in five languages has helped his career in a number of international positions which include executive positions with Citibank in Germany, Spain, Mexico and the United States managing businesses as diverse as insurance products, credit card operations, and online banking and electronic commerce. He has successfully developed and grown professional services businesses in the area of electronic commerce and digital media including executive positions with USWeb/CKS, a Silicon Valley based firm.

In his previous role as President of the Tingstol Company, a manufacturer of automotive electronic components in Chicago, Antonin’s career has also included manufacturing experience. While at Tingstol, his focus was on building a supplier network in China to meet growing demand and pricing pressures from the company’s client base in the United States. Antonin was responsible for the sale of this business to a venture capital group prior to joining GBX Group.

A frequent speaker at industry events on topics related to historic preservation and its impact on economic development, Antonin serves on various boards related to community development, business improvement districts, and historic preservation. He is a member of the Historic Tax Credit Coalition and works closely with numerous historic preservation advocacy groups around the country.

Antonin received his Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing from the American University. He completed his post graduate studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management where he earned his Master in International Management with a concentration in international finance.