GBX Group LLC and Partners Announce Completed Restoration of Historic Winnwood Apartments
Philip Winton
April 15, 2023
Winnwood Garden Apartments Atlanta Georgia

ATLANTA, APRIL 15, 2023 - GBX Group LLC and developer Urban Landings proudly announce the completed rehabilitation of Winnwood Apartments, a longstanding residential complex at 1460 West Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta.

"Preservation easements are one of the most important tools available for balancing preservation and development, ensuring that Atlanta’s architectural, historic, and cultural resources are protected for future generations to enjoy​,” said Ian Rogers of Easements Atlanta.

The property, originally built in 1931 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2021, features 48 micro and one-bedroom units with modern amenities. It sits just miles from the Midtown city center, providing an ideal setting for urban dwellers.  

Winnwood will be master leased to Kasa Living, Inc., a tech-enhanced, flexible accommodations brand that manages more than 70 properties nationwide.  

Urban Landings worked with GBX, a Cleveland based historic preservation real estate firm, to secure government-provided preservation incentives for the project. That includes funding made available via a facade easement donation to Easements Atlanta Inc., a move that permanently protects Winnwood's exterior design.  

“Preserving a building like Winnwood, with such a rich history in Atlanta, is especially rewarding,” said Cameron Pimm of Urban Landings. “We are proud to bring Midtown 48 fully renovated apartments with efficient interior layouts featuring original hardwood floors, lots of natural light from the original windows, and high-end modern finishes and appliances.” 

“Preserving the historic character of Winnwood was critical to the success of this project, and we faced some unique challenges,” added Chris Jackson, historic preservation consultant for Urban Landings. “We identified the most important features of the building early in the project—such as the site’s layout, the historic courtyard, original windows, Georgian Revival-style detailing of the exterior woodwork, cast-concrete pineapples at each entrance, clay-tile roofs, and tapestry brick detailing—and made sure to protect these features through the rehabilitation. With careful design considerations, we were able to protect the historic character of the property while breathing new life into the apartment complex.” 

​​The historic building materials and the overall feel of the property remain much as they did in the 1930s, and new features are differentiated but compatible with the original design intent.” 

Ian Michael Rogers, of Easements Atlanta, explained that the Winnwood Apartments are an excellent example of the garden apartment style with its open, deep U-shaped footprint, central courtyard, and lack of porches. Built in 1931 by Atlanta builder/contractor H.W. Nicholes and Sons, a prominent father/son firm that achieved a reputation for high-quality work by designing and building residences in Atlanta’s most desirable neighborhoods, the Winnwood Apartments provided a home for many during a time of significant growth in Atlanta.  

"Preservation easements are one of the most important tools available for balancing preservation and development, ensuring that Atlanta’s architectural, historic, and cultural resources are protected for future generations to enjoy,” said Rogers. We’re excited to have ​​partner​​ed with Urban Landings/​​Braden Fellman Group and GBX Group to ensure the perpetual protection of this significant historic property.” 

“The completion of the Winnwood Apartments, our first historic redevelopment in Atlanta, is another example of how historic preservation is supposed to work,” said Drew Sparacia, Founder and CEO of GBX Group. Through the use of well-intentioned government incentives, we found a way to balance the project’s financial needs with Easements Atlanta’s desire to protect the community’s heritage. And, in the end, we’ve repurposed a culturally-rich piece of real estate that will serve the neighborhood for years to come.”  

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