Lynne Winings
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Lynne Winings

President of Strategic Operations & Chief Financial Officer

Lynne Winings brings to her role a 20-year career in financial analysis and accounting.

She joined GBX Group as Director of Finance in 2011 and quickly rose to become Chief Financial Officer. Today, as President of Strategic Operations & Chief Financial Officer, Lynne is responsible for managing the financial performance of the company, as well as assisting with developing and overseeing the strategic initiatives of the firm. Her analytical skills play an integral role in transaction analysis and execution.

Lynne’s background in private equity has given her the necessary exposure to the due diligence, financial analysis and capital sourcing needed to assist with the closure of real estate transactions.

Prior to joining GBX Group, Lynne was Director of Finance at RIK Enterprises, LLC where she managed the company’s financial reporting, investment strategies and asset allocation. She previously served as an analyst in the private equity industry.

Lynne is a board member of Sunbeam Vocational Guidance Services.

A graduate of Middlebury College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, Lynne received her MBA in business administration from Case Western Reserve University.