Holiday Shores

Holiday Shores

Myrtle Beach, SC

Built in 1965, Holiday Shores is one of 120 motels constructed along the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand in the 1960s. Designed in the "Populuxe" style, a blend between populism and luxury that evolved after World War II, the building reflects a period of America’s burgeoning middle class and its desire to travel and explore. These small, family-run properties typically included a nod to the exotic, incorporating Polynesian themes, bright signage, and pops of color to draw motorists' attention.

With the property in need of repair, GBX Group LLC completed the initial investment that led to the rehabilitation with developers Robert Lewis, Chris Rogers, Tom Prioreschi, and Will Brennan. 

Holiday Shores originally featured 22 guestrooms and a detached owner’s suite. Improvements included both interior and exterior renovations, the addition of three guestrooms, new fixtures and finishes, and updates to the lobby. Exterior upgrades restored the motel to its mid-century glamour.

The motel began welcoming guests on New Year’s Eve 2020 and it is now included on Choice Hotels International, Inc. reservation system. Holiday Shores joins its sister property, Waikiki Village, an earlier restoration project by primarily the same ownership/development/design team, as two of only a handful of remaining drive-in motels left in the area.