How It Works

GBX Group manages investment funds to provide equity for acquisitions, allowing investors to use their tax liabilities and achieve after-tax returns well above those available through traditional real estate investing. 

With decades of collective experience, GBX Group works with investors to identify the tax incentives that will benefit them within our business model.


Accredited Investors invest in projects to receive the economic and tax benefits generated by the government sponsored tax programs. Investors also receive the satisfaction of preserving our nation’s historic structures while creating jobs and economic opportunity in cities throughout the United States.

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GBX Group acquires properties utilizing a unique structure that maximizes the targeted incentives.


GBX Group manages investment funds to provide equity for the acquisition and development of historic real estate. We focus on what we do best and seek partners whose expertise is to develop and operate these special buildings to ensure their long-term viability.

Our many years of real estate, tax and other incentive expertise allows our investors and partners to achieve returns well above those in traditional real estate investments. 

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