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GBX Group and Development Partners Announce 2125 Superior Living Project Honored at 22nd Ruth Ratner Miller Awards

Revamped Mixed-Use Site Latest in Line of Economic-Boosting Superior Arts District Initiatives


CLEVELAND, April 16, 2021 - GBX Group LLC and its lead project development partner, Ethos Capital Partners proudly announces that its 2125 Superior Living project, situated in the flourishing Superior Arts District, was among those recognized during the 22nd Ruth Ratner Miller Awards (RRMA), presented by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA).

The RRMA ceremony, held annually in honor of the late activist and philanthropist, spotlighted more than $320 million of development projects completed in 2020, each representing a significant contribution to the forward momentum of Downtown Cleveland. Additionally, DCA's Clean and Safe Ambassadors, GBX's Superior Arts District neighbors, were presented with the Ruth Ratner Miller Lifetime Achievement Award for their work in the downtown and surrounding areas.

The rehabilitated 2125 Superior Avenue, built in the early 20th-century as a garment factory, has been transformed into a 57-unit, 56,000-square-foot mixed-use residential and hospitality site. Green Goat, a bar and café by local restaurateur Bobby George, will occupy the street-level space.

The project is the latest in GBX's vision for a revitalized Superior Arts District, an area it has invested in heavily and improved during the past several years. These efforts, made possible through the use of federal, state, and local tax programs, are proving fruitful for the neighborhood and city alike.

A case in point is a recent economic impact study conducted on the revamped Empire Improvement Building, GBX’s headquarters, located at 2101 Superior Ave and adjacent to 2125 Superior Avenue. The report, by Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, found that the preservation of the building, both during construction and its operations in 2019, returned a combined $7.3 million in added tax revenues. Just as important, the investments made through federal and state tax incentives will be returned to government agencies in just over five years.

"GBX Group is honored to be among the award recipients," said Antonin Robert, President of Community Development, GBX. "We extend special thanks to our development partner Ethos Capital Partners, design and construction partners LDA Architects and PCS&build and Historic Gateway, all of whom played key roles in bringing 2125 Superior Ave. to life. And we commend and congratulate our fellow winners, particularly our neighbors the DCA Ambassadors, who work tirelessly to make Cleveland a great place for workers and city dwellers alike.

“These projects are vital catalysts for the continued positive momentum of the district, City of Cleveland, and region at large. Thanks to federal, state and local historic preservation programs, GBX is in the unique position to drive economic and community growth, while at the same time maintaining the character of our urban core. It’s a win-win all the way around and we’re proud to play our part.”

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About The Superior Arts District

Located on Superior Avenue between East 19th and East 25th streets, the Superior Arts District was once home to the second-largest garment district outside of New York City. Cleveland’s garment district originated in the Flats and Warehouse areas of Cleveland in the mid-1800s, but manufacturing shifted to the Superior Avenue corridor at the turn of the 20th century as demand and improved working conditions prompted the need for larger, safer, and more modern buildings.

The historic buildings lining Superior Avenue have found new life as part of adaptive reuse projects. For residential needs, the structures are a perfect fit for the modern loft-style apartments and live-work spaces. For commercial use, the buildings are ideal for artist studios, warehouses and smaller distribution centers that are gaining in popularity as retailers look to cut the distance to get products to their customers.